Sunday, November 30, 2008

Witches Night Out!

Each year the weekend before Halloween we have what is called Witche's Night Out. It's two nights filled with fun, food, friendship, great sales and witches of every kind. There are good witches, mean witches, purple witches and green witches. Tall witches and small witches. Skinny witches, plump witches, witches in feathers and witches in leather.We had such a good time getting to talk with them and hang out for the night. We can't wait for next year. The costumes get better and better.
Here are a few pictures. Sorry...they were taken randomly and I don't know everyones name.

Our very own April...she went from Sexy Witch to Vampire Witch in record time...LOL

Wouldn't want to make her mad. Look at what she did to the last guy...LOL

This pretty witch was chewing on a leg bone..eeewwww!

Check out those nails!

Cassie who is the manager of "Just Us Girls" and her family.

Heather is our newest employee...and such a sweetie!

A husband and wife duo...they were really funny.

They came in the next day, and this is what they really look like. And they were both so sweet!

Cricket and her favorite Gardner Village Witch...Lucinda.

My good friend Regina, her daughter Beth and daughter-in-law Krista.

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