Monday, February 21, 2011

Queen Of Hearts Event

If you know anything about us at all at Anastasia's Attic you know at least 2 love our customers...and two...we love to play dress up!! Being located in one of the most magical places in Utah "Gardner Village" gives us the chance to play dress up several times a year. The Village hosts several events each year that gives us a chance to show our customers how much we love and appreciate them and to dress up. Sometimes we are pirates,

Sometimes we are real witches...

And then of course we love to dress up like fairies...

One of these events is the Queen of Hearts. A time for us to show you our wonderful customers just how much we love and appreciate you. We want to pamper you and let you know that you truly are the queen of our hearts! This was only the second year but it was so much fun and we can see it growing to be one of our biggest and most fun events. The event is always held in February so make sure to mark your calenders for next year. And speaking of can check the Gardner Village website for a listing of all the events through out the year. And while you are there you can sign up to get the email newsletter.

During the Queen of Hearts event all the stores have created wonderful ways to pamper you and say thank you for being a part of our Royal Family. There are great sales, treats, give-a-ways, prizes, coupons and more!! The Gathering Place is not to be missed. It host "The Chocolate Affair"! Beautiful chocolate fountains, and a plethora of yummy treats to dip in them, and several other chocolate items to satisfy your love for chocolate. Believe me your sweet tooth will be more than happy!

As the manager of Anastasia's Attic I am always amazed at how lucky I am to get to work in a store that is so magical if you listen closely you can hear the fairies laughing and playing among the racks of beautiful vintage inspired clothes,or conspiring to play little tricks on us. I get to wear magical fairy dust on my cheek each day, and work with the most kind, and loving women on the face of the earth.

Here are a few pictures from this years Queen of Hearts event. If you were not able to join us this year make sure to mark your calenders for next year. Put on your finest royal attire and come be a part of our Royal family!

I thought Liz looked like Cinderella!

This is Sharon. She is tar's Mom...didn't she look like a beautiful Queen!!

And of course our own beautiful April...what a beautiful member of our Royal family!!!

We had dashing young knights with offerings of chocolate...

And others who made us swoon with their magical voices!

Some of our Queenly Customers!

We hope you will join us next year for the Queen of Hearts event as well as all the other fun events!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living Proof

Hi everyone this is Cricket, the manager of Anastasia's Attic. I have some very exciting news!!!

The owner of Anastasia's Attic, our very own Tara Starling....wait for it...wait for now.....

Living Proof...Celebrating the Gifts that Come Wrapped in Sandpaper!!

In this amazing book Lisa Nichols (You may have heard about her the first time from the best selling book and movie "The Secret") along with 38 other Extraordinary Champions...Tara being one of them celebrate those moments we have all had....those that can be painful and frightening,and sometimes  leave us in a ball on the bathroom floor crying our hearts out. Yes...I said celebrating!! Because these times are where so many of our most wonderful blessings stem from. Once the tears have dried and we have had time to heal we look back and see just what the lesson was. We grow and learn and many times say....if I had to do it all over again I would. Because so many of my most wonderful blessings have come wrapped in sandpaper!

Those of you who know Tara personally or who shop in our store know what an amazing woman she is.She is an international celebrity makeup artist who has worked with some of the world's top actors,singers,and athletes. She of course owns or beautiful store Anastasia's Attic and is also the creator of "Star in Your Own Life", a transformational program which teaches women the skills to live the role of leading lady in their own lives, and has created the non profit organization "Be The Beauty" that creates ways for all of us to give to those that stand in need. And now.....A Best Selling Author!!

Help me in congratulating her on this amazing achievement. And join us on the journey of learning how she along with her co-authors got through their "Sandpaper" experiences!! Tara is not the kind to toot her own horn but we have been friends far to long for me to let this slip past!! This wonderful book is now available at Anastasia's Attic, at Gardner Village.

Congratulations never cease to amaze me.
With Love,

Friday, February 11, 2011

We Have A Winner

Congratulations to Kelli Barkema are the winner of our "Follow Our Blog" contest. Stop by the store any time to get your bracelet!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

January Employee Of The Month

Congratulations Nicole for being Anastasia's Attic Januuary's " Employee Of The Month"

Nicole is one of our part time employees who is always eager to fill in when needed. Customers love her beautiful smile (she works full time as the manager of a dental office ;). She is always upbeat, friendly and willing to make sure each person that walks through the door gets a wonderful Anastasia"s Attic experience.

Thank you Nicole for always giving your best!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching Up, And A Contest!!

Hi everyone this is Cricket and I am still in shock that it is now 2011...what happened to was just a blur!

All of us at Anastasia's Attic would like to wish all of our family, friends and customers a very happy new year.

Each year at this time we each get the opportunity to look back and see the things we would like to do differently. You know...lose a few pounds, mend some fences,kick a bad habit, get organized...and the list goes on. A fresh start with anything just feels really good. And I myself need a fresh start with this blog. I got a little behind last year and then it just snowballed. But this year I am going to do my very best to keep it updated and let you know what fun and interesting things are going on at Anastasia's Attic.

January is always a fun time. We have a Facebook special that we post each day. We pick a different item each day and put it on sale for 50% off that day only. Each morning at 10:00 AM we change the item. What a fun way to start the year. Make sure to find us on Facebook and hit the like button so you will always know what fun things are going on. You can also sign up there for our monthly email newsletter that is filled with a recipe of the month, a coupon, and other fun things.

In February each year we have our annual bracelet give-a-way contest. Each day we give away a beautiful Valentine Bracelet. No purchase necessary, just come in and fill out an entry blank. And while you are there please help yourself to a piece of Dove chocolate.

 That being said, as a way of saying thank you for following our store I am going to give away a bracelet on here too. Just become a follower of this blog....that is simple step.
The winner will be announced on Friday February 12th