Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spider Woman Saves The Day!!

Hi I'm Cricket and I am the manager of Anastasia's Attic. Part of my job is to open the store each morning Monday-Friday. Putting out all of our wonderful porch items is also something I do. WEll......Monday morning as I was taking things out to the porch I saw a spider crawling across the floor in the red room....eeewwww Yuck!
I am not one to just go around killing things but I thought it probably wouldn't please our customers to come in and see it. Sooooo...I went over and stepped on it.And as I walked away it started to move again, feeling bad that I had wounded it I wanted to put it out of it's misery so yes...I stepped on it again and decided to get a paper towel and pick it up. But as I started to walk away it started to move AGAIN!

Now I'm thinking WOW...that is some spider! and I step on it again and it moves again and by this point I am thinking I am going to have to call Animal Control or one of those guys you see on Animal Planet that wrangle dangerous Critters and relocates them to a more natural habitat. This Spider just won't die!!

Now I am jumping on it with both feet and really scared that this is some kind of mutant spider with super powers and at any moment it will tire of me trying to kill it and will knock me across the room. ,BUT..I'm not a quitter!! So I take a chance and bend down to get a closer look at this amazing spider with nine lives and super powers. And found out that the Spider From Outer Darkness was actually....drum roll please...........Lint....yes... I said LINT! And it was probably from my own black sweater I was wearing.

Guess no matter how much I try to ignore it...age has taken over and my eyes are shot! Looks like I better make a trip to the eye doctor and get some new glasses.

Life is not fun at all if you can't laugh at yourself....and yes can laugh at me too. But just call me Spider Woman when you do it!!

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