Wednesday, December 2, 2009

10 Magical, Meaningful, and Memorable Gifts for $20 and Under!

One of the most beautiful and rewarding of holiday traditions is the giving of gifts!  As we search out, discover, wrap, and give our gifts to family, friends, colleuges and employees, we express the deep love, appreciation, admiration, and respect we carry in our hearts for the people that make our lives so meaningful.

This holiday season we are all looking for ways to find gifts which are magical, meaningful, and memorable, without capsizing the budget!  As we look within and remember the very reasons why we are so blessed, we realize that the sentiment behind a gift is what truly creates value.  After all the wrapping paper has been thrown out, the tree taken down, the last cookie eaten and the lights packed snugly away for another year, it is the love we give that lives on day to day in the lives of those we cherish.

Here is our Top Ten ideas for gifts which are indeed magical, meaningful, and absolutely memorable--all $20 or under!

1)  THE  KISSING CRYSTAL:  More than mere mistletoe, a Kissing Crystal will bring the light of the holidays into any room!  Include a note expressing your wishes that the facets of the crystal will reflect the magic of the Season all throughout their home, filling it with love, laughter, and warmth for all!    $17.95

2)  INSPIRATIONAL PLAQUE:  Wrap a handsome, marble plaque with a note letting them know what an inspiration they have always been in your life!   $12.00-$19.95

3)   MESSAGE BRACELETS:  Use a beautiful ribbon to tie together several hand-selected bracelets bearing inspiring sentiments, creating a personalized message of love, hope, faith, or encouragement.   Bracelets $4.95 each

4)  SANTA KEY: This beautiful heirloom jewel-encrusted key will delight any who behold it, and will become a cherished part of Christmas Eve traditions.  Sized perfectly for mailing, include a Santa’s Magic Key in your Holiday cards to those dearest to you!   $13.95

5)  ART ADVENTURE BOOKS: The gift of imagination and adventure is one that lives on forever!  Whether it’s fairies, dragons, or pirates that strike their fancy, write a heartfelt dedication in the front of the book that honors their love of literature and learning, and sends them off on a fantastic voyage of wonder!   $19.95

6)  FAIRY DUST:  Young or old, we all can use a little magic in our lives!  With a star wand included, Magic Fairy Dust is the perfect way to tell someone that they add that extra spark into your life that makes everything…well, magic!   $5.95 Small   $9.25 Large

7)  BLESSINGS BOX: Fill a charming box with small slips of paper inscribed with handwritten wishes for dreams, wishes, and blessings, as well as the reasons you are grateful this person is in your life!   $9.95-$20.00

8)  COMPASS: There are some people who have been so instrumental in providing direction and guidance in our lives that we feel we’d have been lost without them.  Give them a compass as a way to say thanks for always being there to say the right thing and lovingly point us down the paths of wisdom.    $18.95

9)  DREAM JOURNAL: On the first page, pen your favorite memory of special times you’ve experienced together, and share your hopes and dreams for their future.  Encourage them to keep a record of their cherished memories and dreams, and to read it often!   $5.95-$18.95

10)  SANTA’S MAGIC WATCH: Include a personalized note from Santa asking a very special child to keep this magical timepiece safe and sound, and to place it at the foot of the Christmas tree each year so He can use it on his Christmas Eve visit!   $11.95

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