Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living Proof

Hi everyone this is Cricket, the manager of Anastasia's Attic. I have some very exciting news!!!

The owner of Anastasia's Attic, our very own Tara Starling....wait for it...wait for now.....

Living Proof...Celebrating the Gifts that Come Wrapped in Sandpaper!!

In this amazing book Lisa Nichols (You may have heard about her the first time from the best selling book and movie "The Secret") along with 38 other Extraordinary Champions...Tara being one of them celebrate those moments we have all had....those that can be painful and frightening,and sometimes  leave us in a ball on the bathroom floor crying our hearts out. Yes...I said celebrating!! Because these times are where so many of our most wonderful blessings stem from. Once the tears have dried and we have had time to heal we look back and see just what the lesson was. We grow and learn and many times say....if I had to do it all over again I would. Because so many of my most wonderful blessings have come wrapped in sandpaper!

Those of you who know Tara personally or who shop in our store know what an amazing woman she is.She is an international celebrity makeup artist who has worked with some of the world's top actors,singers,and athletes. She of course owns or beautiful store Anastasia's Attic and is also the creator of "Star in Your Own Life", a transformational program which teaches women the skills to live the role of leading lady in their own lives, and has created the non profit organization "Be The Beauty" that creates ways for all of us to give to those that stand in need. And now.....A Best Selling Author!!

Help me in congratulating her on this amazing achievement. And join us on the journey of learning how she along with her co-authors got through their "Sandpaper" experiences!! Tara is not the kind to toot her own horn but we have been friends far to long for me to let this slip past!! This wonderful book is now available at Anastasia's Attic, at Gardner Village.

Congratulations never cease to amaze me.
With Love,

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  1. WOW! This is an amazing feat in itself..and add that on top of what she (and all of you) have created with the shop..I am in awe of all of you! Go Tara! Silly question...autographed copies in your store yet??