Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be The Beauty

Anastasia’s Attic is thrilled to announce the launch of our charity commitment, Be the Beauty!

One of the core beliefs of Anastasia’s Attic is that “Beauty is the visual manifestation of love.” We also deeply believe that “the highest form of love is service.”

Through Be the Beauty, Anastasia’s Attic will partner with its customers, friends, and the community to create true and beautiful change by showing up in love and service to the world around us.

Each month, Anastasia’s Attic will organize and facilitate a specific service project, and will invite everyone to join with us in our commitment to “be the change we wish to see in the world.” Whether the need is at a local, state, national, or international level, we will do what we can here and now, and in so doing we will create a more beautiful world for everyone by giving the love of service.

We can make a difference.

We will make a difference!

We invite you to Be the Beauty—to stand with us as we put our beliefs into action and create a ripple of love and service…a ripple which will be felt from the center of our hearts, to the very ends of the earth.

This month, the Anastasia’s Attic Be the Beauty campaign consists of collecting hygiene kits for earthquake victims in Chile and Haiti. Each kit should contain one each of the following new items, enclosed in a gallon zip-lock bag:

1 Full-size bottle of shampoo

1 Toothbrush

1 Full-size toothpaste

1 Bar of antibacterial soap

1 Hand towel

1 Comb

From now until March 31, 2010, we will be collecting these much-needed hygiene kits at Anastasia’s Attic. At the end of the month we will deliver the hygiene kits to charities that will, in turn, put them into the hands of those who are so deserving of our love and assistance at this critical time.

And as a way to say “Thank You!” for choosing to make the world more beautiful through your commitment of love and service, when you drop off your donated hygiene kit(s), Anastasia’s Attic will give you a non-expiring coupon for 30% off any regular, in-stock item. Inquire at store for details.

So join the cause, spread the word, and Be the Beauty!

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